Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Happy International Women's Day

Today is Women's Day, so let's rise a glass of champagne for all of us!

These are one of my made swarovski crystals earings.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Happy Pancakes Day!

It's a Pancakes day today, so let's eat lots of them! 
I was always a big fan of pancakes,  whatever shape or ingredients it was. As from new year I started to live a bit healtier, so I had to find another option for traditional flavour made pancakes. And I did. It's made from oatflakes, banana, egg and water. I put everything in my Breville blender and mix it until smooth. Believe me, tastes very good. On top I put greek yogurt,  chia seeds, blueberries and raspberries. Try it and hope you will like it too!

Monday, 23 November 2015

My new hobby

I could say I am very crafty person. I do decoupage,  crocheting,  scrapbooking and always like to try something new, to find where could I be the best. A couple of weeks ago I found some beads I purchased long time ago. I wanted to make something with them. So have a look what I have made.

Do you like it? 
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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

DIY French Trumeau Mirror

Once I was watching french interiors on internet when saw those beautiful framed Trumeau mirrors.  I had to get one, and started to look on ebay and some other pages. For sure I found not only one, but prices wasn't very friendly... Then I thought I can try to make one. I ordered everything I will need for less than 60£. It could be more than half cheaper, if I would have wood board and old mirror,  but unfortunately I hadn't. Here is how plywood board looked like

It's 70x90 cm. I had to use some wood filler, as there were many dents.

Here you can see how it looked when I primed and fixed dents. I made a frame around mirror from wood moulding.

Sorry, I won't show you pictures of later steps, as it was evening and they are very bad quality. 
But here is the result!

I can't hang it on the wall, because still waiting for heavy duty picture hanging hooks, so brought it outside, to take a photos.
Here are some close up.

This is resin aplique. 

Thank you for visiting me today. 

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Tea Cup and Mug Exchange

In early September Stephanie hosted tea cup and mug exchange party. I signed for tea cup exchange as well as other more than 100 ladies. Each of us had to send tea cup to one ladie, and received from another one. So could make two friendships.  I received my from Deborah M. Just look what I have got!

Amazing, isn't it? 
Here are some close up photos.
Tasty tea and delicious sweets

Beautiful embroidered handkerchief

Tea time magazine, which I was looking to order, but lucky me, got it without ordering :)
And most important thing - the most beautiful tea cup I ever had! It's Royal Albert Dimity Rose. 

Thank you Deborah for all these beauties and of course thank you Stephanie,  for giving an opportunity to make friendships in all over the world. 

Friday, 2 October 2015

New treasures

It's October already here and I can't understand where does all summer and even one autumn month has gone... I was so busy during my summer holidays back in Lithuania,  that had no time to post something. I was planting many lilacs bushes, weeding, wattering and doing other summer works outside. I will show you everything in my future posts.
Today I wanted to share with you my newest purchases, that I am very happy about.
I was looking for this kind of chair for quite a long time, but always I found it was too expensive or too far to pick it up. But one day I found just what I needed - affordable price and seller suggested deliver it to me for a small fee. Very happy! Maybe in the future I will paint it white, because now it's some kind of yellowish colour, which I don't really like. Another item that arrived couple of days ago-beautiful ruffled throw,  which could be used many ways decorating at home. If you like it too, check it out at shabbyfufu, she sells them many colours http://shabbyfufu.com/category_32/Linen-Closet.htm I also bought dusty pink and thinking about grey too.

And finally is crystal chandelier.  Its so beautiful when catches sun light or when lights is on. I didn't hang it yet, but very wanted to show you.

Thank you for visiting me today and have a great weekend!