Friday, 23 January 2015

sunny day tea

 Hello to all this cold, but sunny day. Last night we had -2, so this morning everywhere were white frost.
 As my little daughter is sleeping and son is at school I decided to set a table and to show you my very new tea cup. Whilst reading other blogs I used to see some of you have nice rosebud china, and I felt in love for it. After looking in auctions I found very nice rosebud china trio. It looked so lovely,  that I had to get it. It's Duchess bone china.

You can also see my new silver plated tea set.

Help yourself if you want something sweet.

Do you see me on creamer?

Thank you for visiting me today and have a nice weekend!

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Back to reality

As I said last time, there was my last tea this winter (as well as a spring) in my garden house. Our holidays is over and it's time to come back to reality. We (me, my hubby and our two kids) live in London, United Kingdom. Almost 8 years already. But our hearts are always there, in Lithuania and one day we will go back.
Here is a plane, waiting for us

And this is my son, Paulius, saying his goodbye to grandma.

Now all of us will start waiting our summer holidays :)
Thank you for visiting me today.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

A simple cottage tea

Today is quite mild day with all snow almost melted, so I decided to have my tea in garden house. Today I used my red and white transferware  mix and match tea set.
Sorry for my wet steps on the floors.

My garden house is still decorated for Christmas.

Tea cup trio are Crown Ducal "Bristol" and the teapot is J. Broadhurst Ironstone

This was my first and last tea this winter in garden house. Why? I will tell you next time.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A welcome tea

After reading other beautiful blogs I decided to write one too. Althought english language is not my mother tongue, I will try my best, so more bloggers could read it.
I have many passions in my life. One of them- roses, the other- beautiful china. China with roses- perfect :)
Today I made tea for two, would you come and join me? If yes, could you bring some cookies, as my cookie jar is empty after festive season... I used my beautiful Royal Albert Old country roses tea set, together with mix and match pieces.

Some close up photos

In case you would like to know what are other pieces made
the vase is Paragon china

And the cake plate which I used as a tray is Old Foley

Thanks for visiting me today and I will be happy reading all your comments!