Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Summer memories

As the weather gets warm, I am starting to dream about summer in Lithuania , where my home and heart is. Especially that I already booked my tickets for whole 2 months starting on beginning of July. Today I wanted to share with you some of my last summer photos.

This is my little garden cottage house.

From other side.

These arches we builded last summer. You can see Dahlias are blooming, my grandmother's favourite flowers.

This is my english rossarium, I am thinking to plant some more foxgloves, lady mantel,  etc to make it look like cottage style.

This arch were built few years ago and has honeysuckle and clematis growing from both sides. I really like the smell of honeysuckle!

Lovely colours.

This is how the house looks from the street. My grandma still lives there, but one day it will belong to me.
Thank you for visiting me today. Althought I didn't share any tea related things, I hope you enjoyed watching my photos while drinking your favorite cup of tea.