Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A welcome tea

After reading other beautiful blogs I decided to write one too. Althought english language is not my mother tongue, I will try my best, so more bloggers could read it.
I have many passions in my life. One of them- roses, the other- beautiful china. China with roses- perfect :)
Today I made tea for two, would you come and join me? If yes, could you bring some cookies, as my cookie jar is empty after festive season... I used my beautiful Royal Albert Old country roses tea set, together with mix and match pieces.

Some close up photos

In case you would like to know what are other pieces made
the vase is Paragon china

And the cake plate which I used as a tray is Old Foley

Thanks for visiting me today and I will be happy reading all your comments!


  1. I am so pleased to meet you and see your new blog. Old Country Roses is a very favorite of many bloggers and I have a set too. I think it really is the most beloved pattern of all time. Of course, the blue willow is very famous too. So glad you linked to Friends Sharing Tea!

  2. Hi Zivile,
    I'm happy to meet you and thank you for joining me for Tea Time. OCR is indeed a lovely pattern and I think the most popular in the world. I shared some of mine a couple of weeks ago. You have some nice pieces too. I don't have the covered sugar just the open but I'm happy to have it. Starting a new blog is so exciting and I hope you have a wonderful time blogging and getting to know people.


  3. Thank you for all your lovely comments.

  4. A beautiful tea set and first blog. I look forward to your future post.

  5. I am so happy to meet you. Welcome to our weekly tea parties. Hope you will be back next week. I love your tea set. I am Lucky enough to have this RA set including the teapot that my husband bought me one year for our anniversary.

  6. Dear Zivile, congratulation for starting your own blog! I hope it will be a lot of fun for you to write it. I definitively enjoyed your first post. We actually have at least three things in common: I love roses, pretty china and I am writing a blog in English, even though my first language is German.
    I love your Royal Albert Old Country Roses tea set it is so very pretty! Warm regards from Southern California,

    1. Thank you Christina. Probably we have four things in common - the fourth is thah both of us are emigrants? Am I right?

  7. so nice china! I'm glad I found your blog :) so beatiful silver you have too :) congrats with a blog :)