Thursday, 19 February 2015

Back to Valentine's day

I know, I am late with this post, but I was very busy before and on Valentines day, as it was my birthday, so many things to do, many food to prepare.
But now everything is over, so stop and enjoy cup of tea and a sweet treat together with me.

I really like this Royal Albert OCR pattern,  and have two different types of cups. These I like most, because they are bigger and easier to hold.

I put a little glass, in case you would like something bubbly.

I really like pretty lace linens. 

Valentines day is all about love and roses, isn't it?  I like potted most, but bunches are welcome too.
Thank you for visiting me today and see you soon!


  1. What a lovely and cozy table set for two! The silver coffee pot and your linens are gorgeous. Of course the OCR is beautiful too! Happy Birthday and thank you for joining me for tea today.


  2. So pretty! The "cups" are bigger, because they were originally sold as mugs! Perfect for a nice large cup of tea! Who can't adore OCR? No wonder it's the world's favorite pattern. I love it! Happy Birthday, and thanks so much for posting to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  3. Old Country Roses is the most beloved pattern of all time and your table shows us why it is is beloved! What a lovely posting and presentation. I am so glad you shared at Friends Sharing Tea!

  4. Happy Birthday to you! Old Country Roses is the perfect one to celebrate with too! A lovely posting!